Meet to Role Play
Hello there guys. I would be Syn-Auron, your friendly neighborhood administrator. We are coming to a close on our construction, but you still have a chance to reap the rewards. Just follow these two steps.

1.) Join up and register. Trust me, you won't be sorry.
2.) Get to know eachother. The chatbox is up and running, so you can all start the conversing. I know I'll be there during the times I am online.

There are also rewards for following the first request.

1.) You will start off with 250 gold.
2.) You get the first run at joining some of our staff positions, provided you are able to pass the initial test. Check the staff apps in the announcements.
3.) You will be allowed to choose one personal addition to almost anything on the site. I'll let you know.


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Post by Syn-Auron on Sun Nov 29, 2015 12:10 am

Hello. Nice of you to show up and read these. It'll do you some good. Trust me, I'm an Admin.

So, let's begin.

1.) Do not harass other members. Harassment includes being a dick, discrimination, racism, etc.

2.) No pornographic content anywhere. This includes posting pornographic pictures or erotic roleplay. If you would like to do anything like this, we have private messages. This way, you keep my site clean and pg-13, and you can still get your kicks. Big rule though, if you do not have the consent of the other member, or if you do not stop when they tell you to, you will be banned for a week. If you are under the age of 18 and are receiving or sending anything inappropriate, punishment could extend up to notification of local authorities. We are very serious about these things, and will not be held accountable for any crime committed.

3.) Do not godmod, or any other variations of this term. It's just plain rude and annoying. No one wants to roleplay with someone who is pretty much invincible the whole time, or can never miss an attack. It's not fair to the other members. Around here, we would like to keep things fun and exciting. Godmodding takes away the fun and exciting. Do not do it. Another thing that falls into this category is a term known as meta-thinking. This is when your character pulls some stunt about knowing something they really shouldn't know. Say you're in a big fight, and you suddenly know that your opponent is going to shoot flames out of his ass, and your character hasn't seen it or heard about it, then you shouldn't know you're about to get hit with an ass flamethrower.

4.) Do not create an unoriginal character. It's dull and boring and not very fun. If you want to create toasty the toaster, and give him the ability fly around and shoot toast at evil villains, that would be fine. If you want to create bobeye the sea man, and give him the same build and abilities as a certain sailor man (Popeye), then you will receive a warning.

5.) Not so much a rule as a way to keep our members sane. If you would like for your thread to be unaffected, you will have to write [SLICE] in the title until further notice. We are working on adding tags to threads.

Over time, there will be more rules added if things get out of hand. Don't be the one to make them official.

1st-3rd offense: Warnings
4th offense: 2 day ban
5th offense: 1 week ban
7th offense: 1 month ban
10th offense: Permanent ban

If we deem an act of rule breaking bad enough, you can and will suffer much harsher consequences You have been warned.
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Legendary Admin guy

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