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Hello there guys. I would be Syn-Auron, your friendly neighborhood administrator. We are coming to a close on our construction, but you still have a chance to reap the rewards. Just follow these two steps.

1.) Join up and register. Trust me, you won't be sorry.
2.) Get to know eachother. The chatbox is up and running, so you can all start the conversing. I know I'll be there during the times I am online.

There are also rewards for following the first request.

1.) You will start off with 250 gold.
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3.) You will be allowed to choose one personal addition to almost anything on the site. I'll let you know.


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Post by Syn-Auron on Fri Dec 04, 2015 3:39 am

The Dwarves are a brute race that has two different races cultures. They are primarily short and very brutish.

Brute Dwarves

These are your typical short and muscular Dwarf. They are very known for their angry and violent outrages, along with their huge appetite for liquor and meat. They fight and break things because they love nothing more than to live up to their names. The brutes. Their favorite weapons are the great hammers and great axes. Their one main restriction is the absolute inability to use magic. Magic has been the one thing that has never flown through their veins. They make up for this by learning how to use very powerful booming voices that can boost the morale of their allies, or damage/debuff their enemies.

Working Dwarves

These Dwarves, unlike their counter part, the Brutes, are known for being able to work very long hours of the day, and come home to live a healthy life style similar to every other race. They aren't super muscular, and dislike breaking things. They're civil, and very calm. They are still good for fighting, however, and most know how to use several different weapons, rather than just the heavy duty class weapons. These guys have unlocked the bare secrets to magic, and are able to use magical items, however, they still have no idea how to generate it freely like the other races.
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