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ORCs and Half-ORCs

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ORCs and Half-ORCs

Post by Syn-Auron on Tue Dec 08, 2015 1:03 pm

ORCs and Half-ORCs

These are the big weird green guys that people are so terribly terrified of. Or at least, those are the rumors. An ORC is a giant fat man with an ugly face, sure, but not all of them are like this. In fact, most of them look more human than monster. The primary difference is that an ORC is typically twice the size of an average human, their skin does have a greener tint, which darkens as they get older, and some of them have very large lower canine teeth. This is why they are called monsters. They are also known for not being very smart, though there are Scholars in the ORCish race.

Half-ORCs are similar to ORCs in appearance, but definitely not in size. These guys are about the size of humans, and their green skin is not usually as noticeable. The teeth thing is a trait that doesn't appear as often. These guys are a little more intelligent than the ORCs, but there is a still a chance they will be just as smart as a bag of rocks.
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