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Hello there guys. I would be Syn-Auron, your friendly neighborhood administrator. We are coming to a close on our construction, but you still have a chance to reap the rewards. Just follow these two steps.

1.) Join up and register. Trust me, you won't be sorry.
2.) Get to know eachother. The chatbox is up and running, so you can all start the conversing. I know I'll be there during the times I am online.

There are also rewards for following the first request.

1.) You will start off with 250 gold.
2.) You get the first run at joining some of our staff positions, provided you are able to pass the initial test. Check the staff apps in the announcements.
3.) You will be allowed to choose one personal addition to almost anything on the site. I'll let you know.

Site shop rules

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Site shop rules

Post by Syn-Auron on Wed Dec 02, 2015 2:24 am

Here is another thing we have included into the site. The gold you've accumulated through making posts and such are worth something here. Some of the things we've decided to allow the members to "purchase", along with the way to get more gold will be listed here. We will likely add more things. If you would like to purchase any of these, send a PM to one of the Admins and they will decide if you are capable of handling the task you've requested. If it's one of the simpler items for sale, then you will very likely be approved without any argument. If it is more difficult, we will talk with you about it, and over time, if we like it, we will allow it.

So, to purchase these wonderful things, send us a Pm with the title "Tossing the gold around." Afterwards, we will work things out with you, with the Elites, and with the other Administrators. After we are finished considering everything, you will either be approved, or denied. It is a simple and easy process that could take a few minutes, or a few hours.

We do not remove points unless you are approved, and we do not refund the points back to you if you decide that you messed up and do not want something. Sorry.

So, here is a list (and descriptions and cost) of what you can buy.

1.) Changing your username: This is simple. You can pay 100 gold to have your username changed to something cooler.
2.) Request a special rank: This is simple. You can pay 500 gold to purchase your very own special rank. If the special rank you've requested is already taken, you will have to choose a different one.
3.) Requesting to join staff: This is more difficult. You need to send a Pm with your application filled out, and you must have 25 gold for applying. Applications cost 25 gold, so you will lose the gold, whether you are approved or denied. That isn't to discourage you from trying, and any application is held on file for up to 6 months afterwards. Most good staff applications and appliers will be accepted within 2 to 3 days, not including holidays. (This is mainly to deter noobs from applying first day.)
4.) Removing a warning: This will be talked over with the Elites before we remove the points. You can remove one of the warnings you may have received for 1000 gold.
5.) One day access to the staff chat: Yes, there is a secret staff chat, and yes you can ask us questions about what is going on during your one day. This will cost 250 gold, and may open up an opportunity for you to join the staff if you make a good impression.
6.) Own your own city: This will allow you to create your very own city, complete with description, and run it all your own. You also receive a free plot designer application, and you will be able to create plots for your city. These will both need to be approved separately. You can be approved for one while not approved for the other. This will cost 750 gold. You also receive a special spot in your city such as a town hall, or a bazaar, or maybe even a library. This can be whatever you want pretty much (You also need a description for this separate part.) You can only buy one city.
7.) Create special spots in your city: You can purchase another special spot for your city, which can only be added onto your own city. This costs 350 gold.
8.) Special V.I.P. area: This is a secret area of the site that only people who've earned the gold can join. By purchasing V.I.P. status, you gain access to the V.I.P. lounge, a cool special colored name, and you can choose any 5 other items from the shop for free. V.I.P. status can be purchased for 3000 gold. If you are banned for any reason, you will lose your V.I.P. status, and will have to earn the gold to get this again.

More options will be added later. Please note that you are not obligated to spend any of your points. The user who has the most points at the end of the month will receive a special title called "Wealthiest Member" You are only allowed to earn this title once every other month, so someone else can have a shot at being the big shot. Just a fair little game to keep activity up.

You can earn extra gold by participating in site contests, or being a part of staff or being in the V.I.P..  

Staff position/Gold earned per month
Elite Moderators/ 500
Plot designer/150
Chatbox moderator/50

Any staff member is not allowed to receive the "Wealthiest member" rank.
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