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The name and history of our world.

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The name and history of our world.

Post by Syn-Auron on Thu Dec 03, 2015 3:29 am

The world is a strange and cool place. It also has a pretty decent name. We call our world:


Arango started out as a simple meteor. This simple meteor had been travelling across the universe, pulling in several other meteors from the area around it, and eventually, it grew to roughly 39500 miles from top to bottom, 39630 miles based on the equator, making it a massive super planet, roughly 5 times the size of earth. The planet eventually settled in a line around a massive star, which will be talked about later.

Arango became a massive planet with very little water. It was unable to produce any form of life, except for a group of small microorganisms that could survive off of the heat coming from the massive star. They required very little to survive. Just that large amount of heat that came from the star. 10,000 years later, the microorganisms were spread out all over 90% of Arango.

The heat from the star would start to lower, not terribly, but low enough that a water planet starting circling the planet in roughly the same path as Arango. A second strange planet made entirely of gas would also be travelling through the orbit. Now, this gas planet was about 10,000 miles bigger than Arango, while the water planet was roughly half the size of that. Within 100 years, with Arango travelling faster than the gas planet, and the water planet travelling much faster than Arango, these three planets crashed into each other. The water planet hit Arango with enough force to create a massive flooding, which would later settle down and create the 5 seas of Arango, and with this new density, Arango would come crashing into the gas planet, which would swallow Arango completely, and becoming its atmosphere, which would consist of several different gases, and oxygen. After this, the world would change. Drastically.

The microorganisms on the planet started to die, rapidly. The new gas and new liquid were damaging them, disrupting their nucleus so that they couldn't survive. A world filled with over 3 nonillion microorganisms was starting to die, so those cells started to combine themselves to survive, making multi-cell organisms.

The rest of this part is basically based off of the evolution theory of earths creation. Several thousand religions had also popped up and humans started inhabiting the planet as the rightful owners. Or so they thought. Other races came around, each with their own different ideas and religions.

Wars broke out, and some civilizations died off completely. At the end of the last war, each race had decided to sign a treaty with each other, deciding to bring peace to the world at last. After the treaty was signed, the several races decided that it would be wise to name this date as the beginning of the new time, and called it year 1. After 4000 years, a rogue company has decided to try to take over and kill everyone who is not a human. Humans who dislike these people are also high on the list of people to kill.

We now live in a world where you could easily be killed just for being a non-human or believing that peace is the only true way to survive in these times. These rogues are out to kill anyone they want, and the only way to survive is to take them out before they get you.
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