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The Elvish race

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The Elvish race

Post by Syn-Auron on Fri Dec 04, 2015 3:14 am

This is where you'll hear about the Race known as Elves. These guys are the more interesting race, since they're very diverse in terms of style, appearance, and traditions. (Please know that not everything specified is a limit to their ability to learn, it's just a basis to build your character off of.)

High Elves

First up are the High Elves. These are the snobby rich white folk of the Elvish community. More often than not, they hold themselves in high regards, since they are very often the rich snobs, although there are some High Elves who aren't all high class and such. High Elves are more commonly magic users, as they don't like to get down and dirty with the enemy. They are also better with healing magic rather than combat magic for a similar reason. They really just don't like combat very much at all.


These are your basic every day Elves. The ones who just walk around as a normal human being would, and don't particularly have a class or a low class. They're the middle class of the community, but don't let that fool you. These Elves are well trained in archery and magic, and are usually not afraid to prove it to anyone who challenges them. These Elves don't have any specific magic type that they prefer, but because of this, they never truly have a specialty in any magic base unless they've spent their life based on one type.

Dark Elves

The bad guys. The evil Elves. The misunderstood Elves. These guys really aren't that bad, but because of their darker skin, they are treated poorly. It's seen as a mutation by the other Elves, and during the time they were beaten and abused by the High Elves, and cast out of the Elven community, and forced to live in the dark caves scattered about. Because of this, several outcasts had to learn Illusion magic, and how to use a wide variety of weapons to survive. They were recently allowed into the human community, provided they fight for the humans, and never turn against them. This has been the case for several 100 years.

The Cold Elves

These are Elves not commonly spoken about. They have never been seen, and very little is known about them. The most people know are basically rumors that are being spread around by a very small man who walks about and talks freely about them, claiming to be one. They are called the cold Elves because they are rumored to only be found in the colder areas of the world, where the temperature never rises above -50 degrees Celsius. It is also rumored that there is a large man who is known to give gifts to all of the creatures in the world, and he is their leader.

(Cold Elves are primarily NPC characters right now.)
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