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Hello there guys. I would be Syn-Auron, your friendly neighborhood administrator. We are coming to a close on our construction, but you still have a chance to reap the rewards. Just follow these two steps.

1.) Join up and register. Trust me, you won't be sorry.
2.) Get to know eachother. The chatbox is up and running, so you can all start the conversing. I know I'll be there during the times I am online.

There are also rewards for following the first request.

1.) You will start off with 250 gold.
2.) You get the first run at joining some of our staff positions, provided you are able to pass the initial test. Check the staff apps in the announcements.
3.) You will be allowed to choose one personal addition to almost anything on the site. I'll let you know.

Requesting races

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Requesting races

Post by Syn-Auron on Fri Dec 04, 2015 1:35 pm

Hey! This is Syn, your administrator of admins. If you have an idea for a new race, or have an idea of something to add to any of the races, go ahead and send the info to anyone from plot designer, to Elite, to Admin, and we will talk it out with each other, and let you know what we think. If someone comes in here with a super cool character race, our Approvers will let us know, and we will talk to you about it.
Legendary Admin guy
Legendary Admin guy

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