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The city of Origins

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The city of Origins

Post by Syn-Auron on Fri Dec 04, 2015 2:12 pm

The city of Origins is the average busy New York style city. The races are all living in peace here, except the High Elves, who think the place is way too dirty for them, and the Brute Dwarves, who are no longer allowed entrance because of their destructive ways. Not a lot of trouble happens here, except for it being the main headquarters for the Rogue group.

The city of Origins started out as a very small, very basic city. The humans were the only inhabitants, and preferred to stay by themselves, away from the other races completely and the war that was being held at that time. Over time, this city became a safe haven for all races, and some of the wealthiest Elves came in, and the Dwarves brought their tools and they began to build up the super city of origins, all while avoiding a terrible war, since the city was right outside the main battlefields, and not very easily seen.

Now the city is a bustling trade city filled with several businesses, several races, and is known for being the city where legends are born. It is also in the middle of the crossroads connecting all of the main cities.
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